1. We will contact you to make an appointment to visit you at your premises in order to measure up for the required cupboards.

2. Upon visiting, all relevant questions regarding your specific ideas and requirements will be discussed and measurements done accordingly. Being in the cupboard industry since 1992 has afforded me a vast amount of experience with which I can assist you in the form of practical suggestions if required. In order to keep quotes lower, ADVANCED BUILT-IN CUPBOARDS manufactures their own spice pull-outs (with 19mm chrome rails) and dirt bin pull-outs using Melamine instead of purchasing expensive chrome ready built units.

3. You will be able to look at all the available colours of Melamine samples and PVC wrapped door samples which I will present to youin order to decide on a colour and pattern for your cupboards.

4. You will also be able to select a Formica Post Form Top colour from samples, should you decide on post form working surfaces. Should you opt for granite, I will request a quote according to the colour you want from my granite supplier.

5. You will be able to browse through catalogues to decide on handles and other accessories you might require.

6. Some customers prefer to remove their existing cupboards themselves in order to use it somewhere else, or to facilitate on-going renovations. A small fee will be included in the quote to cover removal of old cupboards should we have to remove it. In order to cut back on installation time, it is recommended to have the kitchen prepared ie. tiles removed, plumbing, plug points etc. moved where necessary in readiness for us to commence with the installation. Do NOT have any tiling fitted until completion of the cupboard installation. The reason for this is twofold- (1) you will save money not having to tile underneath and or behind cupboards. (2) Any gaps between walls and cupboards will be neatly closed with the tiles especially where walls are not plumb.

7. ADVANCED BUILT-IN CUPBOARDS will then do a full design on the required cupboards as well as formulating a detailed ‘transparent’ quotation. All our quotes reflect each and every item required, of which the costing can be verified by phoning the supplier. (NO HIDDEN COSTS).

8. A 3D drawing, top view plan and quote will be presented to you in person with the next visit. Any amendments / change of outlay or ideas can be discussed and the quote recalculated.

9. Once you are completely satisfied with everything, a deposit to cover the material can be paid into our bank account at which point a cutting list will be prepared.

10. When the deposit reflects in the account, the order will be placed and paidfor to have the wood cut. All the relevant hinges, handles, drawer runners etc. will then be purchased.

11. The wood will be delivered to the workshop after 3-4 working days. Superior Cabinet Doors require a lead time of approximately 7-10 working days depending on the product.

12. Bedroom cupboards and any tall cupboards need to be built on site in the room where it needs to be installed. Kitchen units (carcases) will be built in the workshop and may take up to three days depending on the amount of units to be assembled.

13. Once all the units are built, it can be loaded on the truck and transported to your premises for installation.

14. The outstanding amount needs to be paid after completion of the installation and only when you are 100% satisfied.


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