Only top quality A-grade supplied by PG BISON and SONAE.  The carcasses which plays a big role and accounts for most of the entire finished product, are generally manufactured using Melamine.  It forms the framework that holds everything together and supports all the weight from above.  The core of an inferior Melamine is generally not well compressed, resulting in turned-in screws to crack the Melamine open, resulting in a poorly constructed carcass plus door hinge screws pulling loose etc.  The Melamine surface also tends to chip easily on the edges.  A cheaper quotation can be attained by using inferior Melamine but so will the quality of the end result be – cheap.

Hinges and Drawer runners:

Advanced Built-in Cupboards generally uses BLUM hinges and drawer runners which carries a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  In order to prevent unnecessary strain on the hinges, all kitchen cupboards are designed in such a way that the widths rarely extend past 800mm. thereby ensuring that the doors are not too wide.  This design also limits the sagging of the shelves.

Adjustable cupboard feet:

All cupboard carcasses are supported with RAIEL adjustable cupboard feet for accurate height and level adjustment AND very importantly – to keep the cupboards off the ground in case of a water spill.  A matching colour ‘kickbox’ is fitted in front of the adjustable feet and sealed against the floor with silicone sealer. Should an accidental water spillage occur, NO water will be able to draw into the Melamine of the cupboard unlike the design of most other companies where all the side panels rests on the floor.

Working Surfaces:

Below follows a list of commonly used working surfaces also known as counter tops.

  • FORMICA POST FORM TOPS are the cost efficient alternative to Granite.  They are available in a big variety of colours and wood grains and are easy to maintain.The surfaces are fairly durable but can get scratched or cut by sharp objects or knives.  It is easy to clean but beware, any water ingress could lead to swelling of the top.  Hot pots should not be placed on the surfaces and it is not as durable as granite.
  • GRANITE TOPS are one of the most expensive tops but are extremely durable, virtually scratch-free and heat proof. As solid as it seems though, it is porous so any spills need to be wiped up quickly.  Granite is also easy to clean and care for but beware of certain cleaning materials and chemicals, as it can change the colour and stain the surfaces.  The lowest priced granite is Rustenberg, followed by almost 300 other fairly expensive local granite colours and patterns.  All imported varieties of granite are very expensive.
  • CAESARSTONE.  Extremely expensive but a very smooth and hardwearing surface.  Caesarstone is manufactured from mainly quarts (up to93%) mixed with polymer resins and pigments to form dense, non-porous slabs which, after curing are gauged to exact thicknesses and polished to an everlasting shine.  Caesarstone is imported from America and cut to the required sizes by local granite suppliers.

Doors, drawer fronts and panels

  • Most cost effective – MELAMINE with PVC EDGING.  Thanks to the latest technology, Melamine is available in many different finishes and colour schemes even mimicking many different solid woods.  Unlike solid woods, Melamine does not require treatment and will not darken over time.
  • Less cost effective – MELAMINE with 2 or 3mm IMPACT EDGING.  The impact edging is extremely durable and tough.  Advanced Built-in Cupboards guarantees no discoloration or peeling of edging.
  • More expensive –a range of SHAKER, RAISED PANEL and DEVON doors, drawer fronts and panels Manufactured and supplied by SUPERIOR CABINET DOORS.  They have proven themselves as leaders in the field of various cabinet doors and drawer finishes. The cost is calculated per sq. m.
  • Even more expensive – PVC WRAPPED DOORS from SUPERIOR CABINET DOORS.  There is a wide variety of routed patterns (supawood) to match your ideas with plain and exciting wood grain colours available to choose from.
  • 2nd most expensive – LACQUER SPRAYED FINISHES.With routed patterns (supawood) and one can choose from gloss to satin finishes in colours from the international colour chart.
  • Most expensive – SOLID WOODEN DOORS.  Manufactured and supplied by LOUBSER WOOD COMPONENTS end the top of the list being rather expensive but it is the real thing-genuine, solid wood professionally finished in a satin or gloss varnish coat.

Handles and accessories:

A wide variety of top quality handles and accessories are catalogued for the customer to select from.

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