Q. A frequently asked question “How expensive are our cupboards?”

A. Relative to what? The cheapest quote one can give will be a quote using cheap hinges and drawer runners that has no lifetime guarantee. Melamine that is not grade A, resulting in a weakly constructed cupboard. Extra wide cupboards in order to save on melamine, hinges and handles resulting in sagging shelves, extra wide doors coming off their hinges etc. 20 years’ experience has taught me that there are NO SHORT CUTS when it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing built-in cupboards. For the 2 year guarantee on the complete installation, lifetime guarantee hinges and drawer runners, top of the range quality fittings, our prices are definitely competitive at under R20 000 for a small kitchen, +-R30 000 for an average and +-R50 000 for a huge kitchen. Prices quoted depends on finishes and do not include appliances.

Q. “My sink cupboard and grocery cupboard’s hardboard came loose and are bulging backwards. Why did this happen?”
A. Many cupboard companies fit the hardboard in a groove a distance away from the back. On big installed cupboards, the hardboard can by accident be pushed too far back resulting in the above where it comes out of the groove. ADVANCED BUILT-IN CUPBOARDS fit the hardboard with nails firstly to keep the cupboard square, secondly to prevent the above from happening and thirdly to maximise the space in the cupboard.

Q. “I had cupboards installed 2 years ago at a very good price but now all the PVC panels and doors which are exposed to direct sunlight faded to a yellowish colour. What should I do, I cannot get hold of the people who installed the cupboards, I heard that their business do not exist anymore”.
A. Like with everything in life, you get good quality and you get poor quality. If you pay little instead of more, you cannot expect top quality. Using PVC wrapped doors etc. from Superior Cabinet doors and Grade A melamine with good quality edging will ensure, even though the quote will be more expensive, that the above will not happen with our cupboards. ADVANCED BUILT-IN CUPBOARDS guarantees that no discolouration of any panels, doors, drawer fronts or edging will take place.

Q. “I want to save money and fit D.I.Y cupboards. What tools do I need and is it easy to fit?

A. You would need a drill with a clutch and torque setting to fit the cupboards together and against the wall. You would also need an impact drill with a masonry bit to drill into the wall as well as a level, pencil etc. Building the cupboards is the easy part, fitting them against crooked walls and on out of level floors is the tricky bit that the supplier of the D.I.Y. cupboards did not tell you about. Each and every cupboard MUST be fitted perfectly level in order to prevent problems further down the line of cupboards-no shortcuts can be taken.
The disadvantages of D.I.Y. cupboards are that you only have limited colours to choose from and you are restricted to certain widths and heights. Unlike our custom made cupboards which utilises all available space with evenly sized cupboards, D.I.Y. cupboards need to be matched to fit a length of wall and 9 times out of ten it will end up with odd sizes next to one another and a false piece (wasted space) at the end by a wall. You will still need to cut, edge and fit wood to fill the big area between the top wall mounted cupboardsand the ceiling depending on the height of your ceiling. The kick box on the ground must also be cut to size edged and fitted (edging is applied on the front corners where there is a side / face panel).



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